Feb. 1, 2021

Our collaborative project with Prof. Xiang David Li at HKU chemistry on "Investigating protein homeostasis during neuronal development and aging through cell-specific proteomics and interactomics” is funded by RGC CRF scheme (C7026-20G).

Jun. 17, 2020

Our work on the negative role of chaperones in regulating microtubule stability and neuronal differentiation is published on Development. (see press release: link1, link2, link3)

Apr. 1, 2020

Our project on neurodgenerative disease is funded by HMRF grant from Food and Health Bureau

Project number: 07183186; "Bacteria-host interaction in Parkinson’s disease: identifying neuroprotective microbial metabolites against α-synuclein-mediated proteotoxicity” 

Oct. 16, 2019

Dr. Zheng is interviewed by South China Morning Post to comment on genetic testing and its interpretation (podcast: link1; article: link2)

Sep. 1, 2019

We got the first RGC grant (Early Career Scheme); 

Project number: 27104219; "Novel regulators of microtubule stability in neuronal outgrowth and axon regeneration.

Nov. 1, 2018

Zheng lab opens its door at 4/F South Wing of the Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building on the main campus of The University of Hong Kong.