Principle Investigator


Chaogu Zheng, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor

School of Biological Science, The University of Hong Kong



Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Columbia University (2015-2018)

Adjunct Assistant Professor, City University of New York (2016-2017)



Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, Columbia University (2015)                                                

M.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Institute of Biophysics, CAS (2009) 

B.S. in Biotechnology, University of Science and Technology of China (2006) 

Postdoctoral Fellows
Fuqiang Ma

Ph.D. at Beijing Institute of Genomics, CAS (2018)


Dr. MA works on identifying the genetic mechanism of the evolution of neuronal diversity and the genomic basis of adaptation in C. elegans wild-isolates.

Chenyin (Cherry) Wang

Ph.D. at University of Macau (2018)


Dr. Wang works on modeling neurodegenerative diseases, such as AD and PD, in C. elegans with a specific focus on microbe-neuron interaction.

Graduate Students
Yuming Lu (2019-)

B.S. at South China Agricultural University


Yuming works on the effects of tubulin post-translational modifications on axonal development and regeneration.

Kam Ue Roy Li (2020-)

B.S. at The University of Hong Kong


Roy works on the regulation of lipid metabolism by bacterial diet in C. elegans 

Ho Ming Terence Lee

B.S. at King's College London


Terence works on investigating alternative mRNA splicing in regulating neurite growth.

Siyu Deng (2020-)

B.S. at Cornell University;

M.S. at Columbia University

Siyu works on the impact of ultrafine DNA bridge in cell fate decision

Research Assistant
Alvin Chun Yin Lau

B.S. at The University of Hong Kong


Alvin works on bioinformatics and the population genetics of wild C. elegans isolates 

Qiao Ran

B.S. at Hunan University;

M.S. at University College London


Qiao works on developing chemical method for cell-specific proteomics and interactomics

Undergraduate Students
Hui Yuan Lim

Hui Yuan works on the mechanism of mRNA axonal transport

Sehong Kim

Sehong works on the function of MAP1 homologs in C. elegans

Kailee Hoikiu Poon

Kailee works on mutations that affect neuronal migration

Sophie Yin Lam Wong

Sophie is screening for target proteins of the ubiquitination-proteosome system in neurons

Lab Alumni
Past undergraduate students
Peyton Groves, UC Berkeley exchange student, 2019 spring
Chiu Fan Michael Kai, HKU, Biochemistry, 2019 summer
Man Chun ​George Chu, HKU, Biochemistry, 2019 summer
Siegmund Lai, UC Davis, 2019 summer
Dion Yelim Do, HKU
Peter Yu-Po Huang, HKU, 2019 fall
Alice Wing Yan Leung, HKU, 2019 fall